Sunday, January 27, 2013

Shelby Searcy: Road To Hollywood Interviews - AMERICAN IDOL SEASON 12

Shelby Searcy Rocks too!!!

Kennedy Ellis Rocks!!!!

SPICE 2013: Kevin performing "Jessie's Girl"

Spice was amazing is the student talent show at Medina......
.I posted one of my favorites alreadly ( Kennedy Ellis).......
and others were Andrea Parks and Dana Kuehn
my very favorite of the whole night was when the rock band backed a 
boy with "special needs" and he sang Jessie's girl....
.it brought tears to my eyes how the whole spice crew
 encouraged him and the whole audience stood up and 
gave him a standing ovation.....that is truly what this life is about...
.celebrating others :) It made my night!!!!!! 
 He had wanted to be in spice for 4 years!!! 
 Don't tell me today's kids are a mess......this proves that is wrong!!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

I love to paint....

I am lucky.....I get to paint at work with the frees me up  :)

"If we can let go of this need for certainty and we can get comfortable with living in ambiguity and living in this state of not needing to know, not needing to control, not needing things to be a certain way we will actually realize that we can experience a lot more gifts, a lot more synchronicities, and we can even watch a life unfold before us that can be even greater than what we imagined."

(from Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview)

Anita Moorjani - Buddha at the Gas Pump Interview

Friday, January 11, 2013

Probably my favorite message on You Tube

Thoughts from the Message…
- I am the only one who Creates in My Reality;
- Today is the Beginning of My New Life;
- I am Starting over Today;
- All Good Things are Coming to Me Today;
- I am Grateful to Be alive;
- I see Beauty all around Me;
- I live with Passion and Purpose;
- I take Time to Laugh and Play every day;
- I am Awake, Energized and Alive;
- I am Free to Be Myself;
- I am Magnificence in Human Form;
- I am the Perfection of Life;
- I am Grateful to Be… ME!
- Today is the Best Day of My Life;

never know what you get on Chatroulette :)

This makes me on the link above and keep an open mind.

Chatroulette is an online chat website that pairs strangers from around the world together for webcam-based conversations. Visitors to the website begin an online chat (text, audio, and video) with another visitor who is chosen at random. At any point, either user may leave the current chat by initiating another random connection.

I went to scarf school today.....

I have all these scarves that I love, but don't know how to wear Macy is gonna give me scarf lessons :)

Peace Train by Cat Stevens w/ Lyrics

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!!!

Not sure what you all did for New Year's Eve, but we had, direct from Iowa, the band Jocelyn playing live in our living room, for a group of Macy's friends, and of course, us as well. 

They are very passionate about their music and will be taking it to the next level soon!!!!!!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Two thousand and twelve.

Two thousand and twelve.
by Macy  on Tuesday, January 1, 2013 at 12:49pm ·

on janurary 1st, 2012, i decorated an empty jar and put it in my room next to a stack of notecards, and a pen. throughout the whole year, i wrote events that made me smile on the notecards, taped them shut, and dropped them in the jar. since it’s the last day of the year, today i got to open them. it was nice to remember all of this years amazing events. below are the things i wrote on each card. (:

1/6/12: WEE WEE (i assume she put that one in there herself.....)

1/8/12: going to see cohen wrestle at medina with wee wee

1/29/12: spice 2012! it was so good!

2/2/12: CAB/ SUMMER SET. best night/ concert of my life. front row. lammie. so much bruises. cant describe how amazing it was

2/11/12: the party for people who didnt go to the sweethearts dance. so much fun (:

2/23/12: getting whisper war and cant stop wont stop in the mail (:

3/2/12: everyone at school wearing red for chardon and making a cake with emily and wee wee

3/11/12: successfully performing my solo for the first time ever and getting solid gold :)

3/12-3/16: OGT WEEK (sleeping in)

3/16/12: wee wee’s birthday get together!

3/17/12: party to gem our dance costumes!

3/23/12: seeing hunger games with the dance team

4/4/12: going to lemonberry with wee wee, shannon, brittany, and emma

4/6/12: putting christmas lights in my bedroom (:

5/2/12: the maine concert!

5/6/12: he is we concert :)

memorial day weekend: going camping with wee wee, alyssa, and emily

6/7/12: seeing dad yell at the owner of Again and Again

6/15/12: passing my lifeguarding class and becoming a certified lifeguard

6/16/12: dance recital! earth song was my favorite

6/25-6/29: counsoling camp invention!

6/29-7/3: 4th of july camping and meeting the boy scouts

7/11/12: WARPED TOUR. crowd surfing :)

7/12-7/20: vacation in florida!

8/5/12: miras grad party

8/9/12: day one of the two day concert spree: the cab/ parachute

8/10/12: day two of the to day concert spree: ftsk and pf

8/11/12: getting my nose pierced and cassie getting her industrial

8/17/12: finally being content with my decision to quit dance

8/25/12: paradise fears house party. enough said. and doubles tournament earlier that day (:

9/8/12: shopping with emily and wasabi with alyssa and emily and sleepover with them plus natalie

9/22/12: homecoming (:

10/13/12: boys like girls/ the ready set/ the all american rejects concert :)

10/15/12: ALL TIME LOW, THE SUMMER SET. THE DOWNTOWN FICTION. and meeting alex from jocelyn

11/16/12: visting mira for the weekend at college :)

11/24/12: canton go to hell tour :)

11/25/12: detriot go to hell tour :)

12/22/12: going to all fired up and movie night with wee wee, alyssa, emily and natalie