Thursday, June 28, 2012

Macy just sent me this on my phone. She is at a balloon launch in honor of one of her all time favorite teachers, Mr. Capito. He died suddenly of a heart attack last week at age 56. There was no funeral....the family wanted people to show up and share stories about him. and nobody was aloud to wear black. He touched a lot of lives as you can see by the colorful balloons. R.I.P. Cappy as Macy says....

In the words of Macy: You could tell he was not your average teacher. we all attached personal notes to him to the balloons, we took a lap around the track and then made an M shape in the field, then we counted to three and said "rest in peace cappy!" it felt amazing to be a part of it! :)

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Once we see that everything is impermanent and ungraspable
and that we create a huge amount of suffering if we are
attached to things staying the same, we realize that
relaxing and letting go is a wiser way to live.  Letting
go does not mean not caring about things.  It means
caring about them in a flexible and wise way.

Jack Kornfield

Sunday, June 17, 2012

In honor of Father's day, Mira held this sign up from stage during the senior dance.

“To the world you may be just one person, but to one person you may be the world.”

~Brandi Snyder

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Today is Mira's last dance recital.  I will miss seeing her smiling face on the stage!!!!!

It is important to understand that anything that can be lost was never truly ours, anything that we deeply cling to only imprisons us.

~Jack Kornfield♥

Iowa :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

May you experience each day as a Sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder.

~John O'Donohue♥

Last day of elementary school

Last week was pretty special.  Marko finished his career at elementary school and our family finished a 12 year history at the school.  It was extra special because Mira earned two scholarships related this  school.  One was from the PTO and one was a personal one from her fifth grade teacher.  She was asked to come back and give words of wisdom to the fifth graders and Marko was asked to give a speech about his memories at the school.  So, both kids gave a speech at the same ceremony.  Marko was the president of K-kids this year (k-kids took place of student council for the school) and Mira and Macy also were president of the elementary school's student council when they were in fifth grade.  We leave behind lots of memories!!!  I hope you are enjoying your summer!!!


Ride the energy of your own unique Spirit.

~Gabrielle Roth♥

Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to be a certain way. Be unique.

~Melissa Etheridge♥

Monday, June 11, 2012

Wow....the owner of Archwood Estate Liquidators (new store on the Medina Square in the arcade) asked Macy to stop in her store after she heard about her experience!!! Good to know many stores welcome teens!!!
 Here is her post: Marjorie Donovan:
Please pass on to Macy  that there is a new shop on Medina's Historic Square in the Arcade right next to One Lucky Dog Bakery. As the owner of Archw...ood Estate Liquidators (new store on Medina's historic square in the Arcade) we have many items that I believe that Macy would love....and at prices that she is sure to enjoy. Please have Macy come in to Archwood Estate Liquidators and tell her to introduce herself. Our shop may be small but as Eileen Kelly put it "Archwood Estate Liquidators, beautiful things on Medina's Historic Square".

Friday, June 8, 2012

I am very disappointed to hear how my daughter, Macy was treated today. I think this is probably a case of social profiling. As some of you know, Macy likes to go thrift shopping.....I think this probably evolved from her being required to pay for her own clothes.....anyway, she was very much looking forward to going thrift store shopping today with her friends and was very excited to chec...k out a new one for her. It is a store called "Again and Again" on the square in Medina. Macy said she and her friends went shopping in there and the owner followed them around and put the things they touched behind the counter. She made Macy show her hands and claimed she was slipping things in her purse. She said she was going to do inventory tonight and find out what she stole. As they left, they told her never to come back. I am in no way saying my daughter is perfect and does not make mistakes, but I assure you that Macy would never steal....and I would bet my life on it. Mark, Lynn and I returned to the store and with the girls, and all the owner could say was that the girls "look suspicious." I asked her to apologize to them and all she would say is "I am sorry girls, but you look suspicious." She then told me that she was going to do inventory tonight and she would find out what Macy stole. I think the owner has some problems and I don't know what she has faced in her life...perhaps being robbed at gun point or something.....I hope she is able to find peace and trust in her world. .....and what a long strange trip it's been!!!!!!!  do these girls look like thieves?????????

The Beatles - Let It Be

Mark and I got Mira a tattoo for her 18th birthday...she is waiting b/c she is a lifeguard/swim instructor and it can't get wet for extended periods of time for the first few weeks....anyway, she says her first tattoo is going to say the words "let it be" Those are words of wisdom....just let it be for this moment I can let it go. :)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

my new definition of forgiveness: seeing someone that I used to hold a grudge against and feeling no reaction, it felt good to smile and be able to wish/want happiness for them........just a realization that I want that person to do well in life and I don't want to waste my time focusing my energy on something that was over a long time ago :)

Mira graduated on Sunday.  It was a beautiful thing.  I can't believe she will be at college in just a few months.  I hope you enjoy the words below.

The world is perfect.  It's a mess.
It has always been a mess.
We are not going to change it.
Our job is to straighten out our own lives.
- Joseph Campbell