SAN FRANCISCO—Even The Dead are endorsing Barack Obama.

Three remaining members of the Grateful Dead—Bob Weir, Mickey Hart and Phil Lesh—reunited Monday for a get out the vote concert to support Sen. Barack Obama's presidential bid.

The concert, billed as Deadheads for Obama, would be the first time the band performed together since they held a reunion tour in 2004. The band dropped "Grateful" from its name to honor the memory of its lead singer, Jerry Garcia, who died in 1995., and also has called itself The Other Ones.

The band, calling the last-minute show a one-time-only event, said they came together the night before the Super Tuesday primaries because the Obama campaign asked them to hold a get-out the vote rally.

"I think this is the first time for us," Lesh said, when asked what other political candidates the legendary band has so publicly supported.

Lesh's 18-year-old son is a volunteer on Obama's campaign. Obama taped a short introduction for the concert that the band planned to play before the show.

Obama Concert
The Warfield
San Francisco, CA

Set 1, Electric
Playin in the Band*>
Brown-Eyed Women+
Mississippi Half-Step Uptown Toodeloo+
New Minglewood Blues+*
Come Together+*

Set 2, Acoustic
Deep Elem Blues>
Friend of the Devil>

Set 3, Electric
China Cat Sunflower*>
The Wheel+*>
The Other One* (with Meaty Phil Bass Intro)>
Eyes of the World+*
Throwin' Stones+*>
Playin in the Band+*

Phil: Get the Vote Out / Donor Rap>
U.S. Blues+*&

* With Mark Karan, Lead Guitar
+ With Barry Sless, Pedal Steel
# Jackie Greene on Mandolin
& RatDog Crewman Bill Waves Flag Over Band

Band: Weir, Hart, Lesh, Molo, Molitz, Greene

courtesy of Eurotraders