Thursday, September 15, 2011

Where I Am From

Where I'm From
By Macy Kuhar

I am from a family of five
From Organic food and tie-dye

I am from the brick house with a bright orange garage door and shutters
(Eccentric, unusual, but warmly comforting)

I'm from the cherry trees and tomato plants, and the swampy lake out back
(Us being the only ones to receive the swampy part)
From the yellow daffodils in the front yard
(Blooming bright in the spring)

I am from camping trips and bright blue eyes
From Mark and Michele

I'm from dance shoes and creative ideas
From "why fit in when you can stand out?"
And "what's meant to be will always find its way"

From a family who believes that love is their religion and the world is their church
A family that tells me there is a piece of god in everyone

I'm from Medina, Ohio, and Shorewood Drive
From Serbia and Germany, spaghetti dinners and ice cream cones

I am from grandparents who live six doors down
From my dog and two cats
From my little brother and big sister

I am from the pictures above the fireplace and the memory boxes in the closet

I'm from a family that's anything but ordinary

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

13 Insirations of people that have shaped my life

13 Inspirations of people that have shaped my life

by Macy Kuhar

My parents
For giving me a good and safe home to grow up in and teaching me so many life lessons

Grandma and Grandpa
For always being there when I needed them and showing me that true love does last a lifetime

For being a good role model, someone for me to look up to, and making mistakes that I learned a lesson from

For always keeping me a little kid at heart

Miss Emily, Miss Melissa, and Miss Jessica
for teaching me to be strong, disciplined, and determined, both on and off the dance floor

Cassie and Alyssa
For being my best friends from the start and showing me what true friendship is

Emily and AnnaMarie
For helping me get through my middle school years, basically being my twins in life, and always providing me with a good laugh when I needed one

Jessie and Ash
For randomly showing up in my life andbeing the cutest cats anyone could ever ask for

Fenn and Claggett
For giving me a good education, even when I dreaded going

September-December 2009
For making me stronger as a person and showing me that time heals anything

Family Dinners
For keeping my family close, when I could see others falling apart

For being the friend I could always count on to make me smile no matter what

for being the highlight of my summer ever since I can remember

"thank you"

Friday, September 2, 2011

My Parents just celebrated their 53rd anniversary on Monday!!!
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! I love you!!
Have a beautiful day of living everyone! Happy Friday! ♥


Never take life too seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.