Sunday, April 21, 2013

 Here is a picture from mom's weekend at O.U.  We had so much fun!!!! I am so proud of Mira and who she is.......
I hope you enjoy the quote below.

As I crawled out of the hell of my own making, I became willing to develop a voice based on a higher truth. The first step was to lose my need to align my acceptablity with mass consciousness-after all, I would return to the Great Mystery the same way I showed up, alone. Hiding in a crowd, avoiding the truth of the Emperor's new clothes, or getting a bunch of money was not gonna stave off the great equalizer when the mistress of Death came to call. It had been easy to be mesmerized by cultural norms. After all, I had been taught it was rude or judgmental to speak of things that weren't quite right. I had to discover that acknowledging and judging were/are different things. I had to find the courage to see, no matter what, if I was gonna make it into conscious awareness! -  Gini Gentry